Chateau Comtal

The Castle of Comtal of Rochefort

Rochefort’s major historic and archeologic place of interest.
Provides a superb panorama of Rochefort and the Famenne.
Interactive tours suitable for young and old
Reasonable entry fees.

  • Rue Jacquet, 5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 084 21 44 09
    Mobile: 0496 61 71 45

Chateau de Rochefort

Lorrete caves (Les grottes de Lorette)

The Caves of Lorette have the rare characteristic of being very vertical, unlike many other caves in Belgium. The long and impressive descent through the large blocks of scree leads you to the great Sabbath Hall, 60 meters deep, this is the spot where the guide will fly a small hot air balloon while the mesmerizing notes of sound and light will resonate.

  • Drève de Lorette, 5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 084 21 20 80

Grottes de Lorette

Les grottes de Han-sur-Lesse

Board a century-old tram heading to the historic entrance of the Cave. Accompanied by your guide, you will descend underground to discover one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. 2 km of hidden galleries and huge rooms, decorated with concrements which are open to the public. Under a brand new magical lighting, the rooms reveal themselves as never before... A visit classified 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide!

Also discover :

Wildlife Refuge (Parc Animalier) – Domaine des Grottes de Han

Stroll through 250 ha of unspoilt nature. Follow the 3 km or 6 km walking trail or aboard a Safari-car, admire many animals from our continent, including the European Big 5 (the brown bear, the wolf, the bison, the lynx and the glutton), and observe breath-taking panoramas.

PrehistoHan – Domaine des Grottes de Han

An exciting exhibition that takes you through several millennia. Follow the historical footsteps of humans in the Cave and explore its underground depths. A fun and interactive experience awaits you!

  • Domaine des Grottes de Han
    Rue Joseph Lamotte 2, 5580 Han-sur-Lesse
    Phone: 084 37 72 13

Les grottes de Han-sur-Lesse

Malagne la Gallo Romaine

The Archéoparc of Rochefort takes you through the remains of an impressive Gallo-Roman villa from 2000 years ago and the estate that surrounds it! Along the nature trails you can discover the archaeological experiments in progress, the cultivation of ancient plants and the tranquillity of the Roman gardens.

  • Rue du Coirbois 85, 5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 084 22 21 03

Malagne la Gallo Romaine

Rochefort Tourist Train

Discover in one hour the unusual places of our cheerful city! The little tourist train will take you to the most beautiful treasures of Rochefort. The tour will allow you to discover both our natural heritage and our architectural and historical highlights through an audio guide.

  • Rue de Behogne, 5 - 5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 084 21 25 37

Train touristique de Rochefort

Ostrich Farm - Autrucherie du Doneû

Entirely autonomous ostrich farming, from breeding to fork, the ostrich farm has the only CE approved ostrich slaughterhouse in Belgium.

  • Rue du Doneû 5, 5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 083 68 85 96 (après 19h00)
    Mobile: 0495 60 96 39

Autrucherie du Doneû

Le domaine Provincial de Chevetogne

The Chevetogne Domain provides a wide variety of experiences in a single venue in a vast domain: spaces of conviviality, walking trails through woods and gardens, sports fields, fabulous playgrounds, and many other activities.

  • Domaine de Chevetogne, B-5590 Chevetogne
    Phone: 083 68 72 11

Le domaine Provincial de Chevetogne

Former railway track - Le RAVEL between Rochefort and Houyet (Line 150)

Your guide for this walk is "La Lesse", a tortuous river that has carved out a remarkable valley in many ways. From Houyet, you will come across the river many times. You will cross the inside of the rocks through the Hour Tunnel, more than 400 meters long. You discover the Chemin de la Collyre in the Ciergnon state forest, at the foot of the Royal summer castle.

Le RAVeL entre Rochefort et Houyet (Ligne 150)

Rochefort Monastery and brewery

Rochefort Monastery and brewery of the local famous trappist beer - L’Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy de Rochefort

Given the specific nature of monastic life, which can only exist in a climate of silence and solitude, the monastery is not open to the public.

  • Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy, B-5580 Rochefort
    Phone: 084 22 01 40
L’Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy de Rochefort

Lavaux-Ste-Anne Castle

The castle of Lavaux-Saint-Anne is classified as a major heritage of the Walloon region. It is one of the most famous buildings in Wallonia and symbol of the Famenne.

Le château de Lavaux-Ste-Anne

Lesse river descent by kayak

From Houyet, you will be taken on the Houyet-Anseremme descent (21 km). A 100% relaxing journey that winds almost exclusively through the trees and without any barriers.
Reservation is recommended.


La descente de la Lesse en Kayak

Le festival du Rire de Rochefort

Annual comedy festival that takes place in the centre of the city.

Le festival du Rire de Rochefort